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Got a question? Please check out our FAQs below.

1 What is Loot Audio?

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Loot Audio puts together unique collections of audio software, plugins, libraries, instruments, samples and presets for 

If you are a composer, sound designer, producer or hobbyist you will find the worlds finest libraries right here for instant download. 

Earn rewards every time you buy and discover exclusive libraries made by our partner developers that you won't find anywhere else.

2 What is the Standard Subscription?

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Each month we put together a collection of hand-picked audio tools and sounds. With the Standard Subscription you can see in advance exactly what you will get.

We guarantee the cost of the bundle will be worth at least 5 times to price you pay. At the end of each month your account will be charged and your products will be available to download in your account. You can cancel at any time and keep the product you already have - No strings attached.

3 What is the Surprise Subscription?

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Each month we put together a collection of products worth many times the cost of your subscription. The Surprise Subscription keeps the products a secret until they are released. You must be subscribed in advance to receive the Surprise Bundle.

You cannot receive previous Surprise Bundles. Each Bundle releases at the end of the month. Providing you are subscribed before the Bundle releases the products will automatically be added to your account.

4 How do I download my purchases?

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When a new bundle is released and you are subscribed to that particular bundle the files will appear in your account area. Simply click on them to download them directly to your computer.

Please download all parts to a safe location on your computer.  If the product is large it will likely be split into a multi-part archive.  You will need software in order to extract the files.  We recommend using Winrar if you use a PC or UnRarX if you are running IOS.

If it is a multi-part archive you simply need to richt click (on PC) and choose extract here and the software will extract all files from all parts at the same time.

IMPORTANT - Please ensure you are using a computer to download your purchases. Download links are not visible on mobile devices

5 How long will each bundle be on sale for?

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With our Standard Subscription you can view all the products contained and choose to subscribe at any time. At the end of the month (as long as your subscription is still active) you will get the collection added to your account

With the Surprise Subscription we will announce what is in the collection at the end of each month. As long as your were subscribed during the previous period you will get the Surprise Bundle added to your account.

Every month we release a new Standard Collection and a new Surprise Collection.

6 When will my bundle arrive?

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At the end of each month we release our bundles into the wild. 

You will receive an email to inform you when they are ready for you to download.

7 What if I don't like what's on offer one month?

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If you are subscribed and you don't particularly like what's in the Standard Bundle one month you can simply skip it by unsubscribing. There will be no penalties for unsubscribing and you can simply re-subscribe when something you want comes around at a later date.

It's easy to unsubscribe in your account, just click the button, then at any time thereafter you can simply resubscribe when you are ready.

8 What if I already have one or more of the products in the bundle?

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If you already have a product contained in one of our collections then we can exchange the relative cost for either Kredits or Samples at either Kontakt Hub or Sampleism.

Kredits and Samples represent virtual money that you can use for money off purchases.


We will calculate the amount of Kredits/Samples based on the following...
Amount you paid for the original product / Total value of bundle = x%.
x% of Bundle Price will be converted to Kredits or Samples.
Please email us after the deal ends with your proof of purchase so we can add the Kredits/Samples to your account.

9 I have a question that's not here. Where can I get help?

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That's cool, ask us here and we'll do what we can to help.

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